written by
Peter Jensen

K12Alternative | Christian Education

General Christian Education 1 min read , May 19, 2020

I’m truly excited to announce our first K12Alternative initiative. As an educator and a ministry leader I’m constantly trying to find creative ways to bring back education to the church. Many are not aware about the pivotal role the Church has played in the history of Education. As a church we built many of the prestigious schools all over the world: Harvard, Yale, Princeton, Oxford, Dartmouth, Rutgers, etc. Yes, it’s hard to believe that Harvard, Yale, Princeton and Oxford were once Christians. Sadly, we are also losing many of our children to the world. Public Education is a much better discipler|mentors than most parents. It’s no wonder 60-70+ percent of children abandon the faith of their parents by the time they enter college. Join us at K12Alternative this August 11-14 as we tackle the issue head on. Answers in Genesis, Creation Ministries International, HSLDA and many other organizations will be speaking at the event as well as many parents who are in the trenches.