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Peter Jensen

K12Alternative 2020 Virtual Summit August 12-14

Outreach 1 min read , July 4, 2020

Welcome to K12Alternative Summit - to be held 12-14 Aug., 2020 worldwide at Christ Summit. Our mission is to partner with the Church & the Family to equip the leaders of tomorrow. Annually we will have a different theme. Our theme this year is "United in Purpose, Diverse in Action" to reflect the effort we are investing in the church and family as we equip tomorrow's leaders, our children. 

The summit will feature speakers representing various ministries, organizations, colleges|universities, and family educators from a broad spectrum of perspectives (Classical Conversations, Cyber school, Private school, Charlotte-Mason, etc.). K12Alternative does not favor one approach over another. At K12Alternative we are Diversely Unified because we share a common purpose: to bring glory to God. Share about this event to your friends, family, church, and colleagues at work. We pray that K12Alternative will encourage you and equip you as we partner in preparing tomorrow's leaders in academia, music, art, politics, medicine, sports, science, technology, media, business, and ministry.

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